When it comes right down to it, it is our customers that will speak to the value of our company. At Woodlands Enterprises we have a firm commitment to working with our customers with the utmost of integrity.

"Lyle Taylor and USA Woodlands won the bid for my timber competing with two other timber harvesting companies. Mr. Taylor was also very responsive and available to discuss the process of timber harvest as this was my first opportunity to sell my timber. Upon completion of the harvest, Mr. Taylor followed up with me to assure my satisfaction with the condition of the property post harvest. Finally the harvest actually produced approximately 30% more revenue than I expected. My dealings with Lyle and his company have been a pleasure. "


Dan Combs, Agent CLU Providing Insurance and Financial Services


"Woodlands Enterprises, Inc. partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation in 2010 in what is known as a stewardship project on the Chattahoochee National Forest. Lyle Taylor and his timber crew were excellent to work with and showed extreme professionalism when keeping our objectives of creating areas for longleaf pine restoration and improving wildlife habitat in mind. Not only did Woodlands perform the timber removal associated with our project but also took on our other service items like wildlife opening restoration, gate installation, and fire-line construction. Woodlands Enterprises, Inc. showed me they are willing and capable of handling multiple forestry and wildlife services. "


Greg Boozer ,Wildlife Biologist National Wild Turkey Federation


"Dear Mr. Lyle Taylor (w/Woodlands Enterprises Inc.), I would like to compliment you and your crew on the efficiency, courteousness, and patience in helping me to understand the details of harvesting timber from our property this year. Your expert advice on those matters are sincerely appreciated. Your crew did an excellent job in thinning out timber areas where that technique made sense. Your recommendation as well to clear-cut certain plots and, to leave others along were given careful consideration after the benefits/downsides were outlined. 

Mr. Taylor, I value your experience in this industry. Moreover, you made the extra effort to inform me of possible 'Federal Programs' that might help us to better manage our assets. The followed up and assistance you provided during the application process was deeply appreciated. That application was approved and I expect to start benefiting next year. 

Two (2) things will be at the forefront in my future land management efforts: 
1.) I plan to utilize the U.S. Forestry Services more in the future. 
2.) I will definitely seek out the services of Woodlands Enterprises Inc. "


Louis Darden, Private Land Owner


"This has been my first experience with Woodlands Enterprises. I have used many Timber Companies in the past. This is the first company that has worked very close with me. Lyle has kept me informed and made me feel like I was his best customer. When the timber was not getting harvested soon enough he brought in another crew to get the job completed. I would and have already recommended him to my friends and family."


Dr. Davis Nelson, Cartersville, Ga.


"I recently worked with Lyle Taylor of Woodland Enterprises, Inc. to thin and market 142 acres of family-owned timber. We had the benefit of Lyle's industry expertise and advice before the work started, the price we received was competitive, the work was completed in a professional manner consistent with best management practices, and our property was left clean with no garbage or other unsatisfactory issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Lyle Taylor and Woodland Enterprises, Inc. to other timber owners. "


Phillip Yancey, Marietta Georgia


"The performance of Woodland Enterprises was completed ahead of schedule and contractural obligations were fulfilled above and beyond expectations. As the representative agent for SHH Partners, it was a pleasure for me to have contracted and worked with you."


Jerry Guynn, SHH Partners


"My contract with Woodlands Enterprises was an enjoyable experience. I was kept informed of all aspects of the operations. They did exactly what they said they would do and did it in a courteous, on time, truly professional manner." 


Fred Wold, Ellijay, Georgia


"It is with pleasure that I recommend Lyle Taylor and USA Woodlands for their exemplary service. It is indeed a rare thing to find an honest young man, that not only meets his estimates, but exceeds his monetary expectation to his customers by 25%. Thank you so much for a job well done.


Genie Ricks


Pine Plantation Clear Cut

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