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Timber Prices - Georgia and the Southeast

Like any other industry, the timber industry is one that fluctuates greatly in terms of economics. Georgia timber prices, like prices on anything else, ebb and flow; it is incumbent upon the experts in the industry to monitor that fluctuation and react if they are to get the best prices for their product. This is a part of our role here at Woodlands Enterprises; to introduce the “best in class” fiber to the industry and, in turn, get those landowners with whom we work the best possible prices for their product.

Prices largely are what they are in terms of market viability. But within the parameters of this market benchmark, Georgia timber prices can still fluctuate considerably. Our ability to offer competitive pricing is two-fold in terms of our involvement:

  • We help increase and enhance the value of our clients’ timber. It is not surprising that the highest quality timber product yields the highest timber prices. Georgia landowners, as well as landowners throughout the southeast, look to us for our expert services in this regard. At Woodlands Enterprises the services that we offer, from Thinning to Replanting, helps to nurture the land and foster healthy growth - ultimately determining the quality of the timber. It is much easier to procure higher timber prices for high quality timber.

  • We use our position within the marketplace to be able to offer the highest timber prices Georgia, and the rest of the southeast, has to offer. Woodlands Enterprises is a well respected wood dealer in the southeast, known for our unyielding commitment to quality and our honest business practices. We are able to offer landowners competitive timber prices because we are supplying the market with high quality pulpwood and timber.

  • Our commitment to our customers. At Woodlands Enterprises we know our team has the expert knowledge that should likely bring us success. But ultimately it is how we work with our customers that will determine our long term viability as a company. We take this very seriously and make it our business, literally, to do right by our customers to help them yield the best product and get the best prices. Because, in the end, this will be what will determine if they come back to us. It is the foundation of our business.

Ultimately timber sales are what we do and we have an understanding of the market that allows us to represent our customers with expertise and confidence. We are the bridge between landowners and the timber marketplace; and we take this role very seriously in terms of getting our customers the best prices and ultimately delivering the highest quality timber products to market.

We invite you to give Woodlands Enterprises a call to talk about market prices and how we may be able to help you increase the quality of your timber product and yield the most competitive prices. We are available to answer any of your questions and we look forward to working with you!

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