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Why Woodlands Enterprises?

At Woodlands Enterprises, we understand that our customers have their choice of timber companies in Georgia and throughout the southeast. They want to know what sets us apart from the others and how working with us will ultimately benefit them.

So what is it about Woodlands Enterprises as a company that sets us apart from the competition?

  • Relationships. The industry of forestry, logging, and timber does not differ from any other industry. The ability to really dig in and find success comes from the network that you are able to access and such a network is built on relationships. The relationships we have built at Woodlands Enterprises have given us a unique position in the marketplace and the ability to offer the landowners who work with us extremely competitive prices on timber. Going one step further, this ability to always do right by our customers has allowed us to forge equally powerful relationships with them; they know they can trust us and that we will represent them with integrity.

  • Responsible harvesting. Harvesting is critical for landowners to effectively manage their assets. At Woodlands Enterprises our role is to help orchestrate that harvest and help the landowner receive the most competitive prices for their product. But the best timber companies in Georgia will ensure that such harvesting is done within the parameters of Sustainable Forestry Initiatives in order to protect future viability. 

  • Silvilcultural Prescription. Part of responsible harvesting is choosing reputable logging companies in Georgia to actually perform the harvest operation. At Woodlands Enterprises we choose logging companies in Georgia based on the Silvilcultural Prescription.  Silviculture refers to the practice of forestry care in a manner that it is suited to the ultimate use of the forest’s product. Silvilcultural prescription refers to the plan that is put into operation to meet this objective. In other words – a plan that is put into place for a specific site to foster healthy growth so that the site can meet the objectives of the landowner. Woodlands Enterprises takes into account the plan for that particular area and how specific treatments including Thinning, Clear Cutting, and Tree Replanting will help meet the objectives of the landowner, while doing so in compliance with Regulatory Best Management Practices and an eye towards environmental responsibility.

  • Comprehensive Services. The services we provide at Woodlands Enterprises extend from Thinning and Clear Cutting – as previously mentioned – to Prescribed Burning and Tree Replanting; even Road Building and Environmental Assessments. Our team is enormously knowledgeable about the industry – from land care and harvest to timber sales.

There are many Georgia timber companies from which to choose. But at Woodlands Enterprises you get the benefit of experience, industry knowledge, expert harvesting, the ability to procure competitive prices, and a commitment to representing our clients with integrity. If you have questions about your timber, our operations, or market prices, we invite you to call someone from our team. We look forward to working with you!

Pine Plantation Clear Cut Aerial View
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